Behind the Scenes

Welcome to Whitetail Cove,
Whitetail Cove is a personal project space for everything I'm currently doing and have tried doing.
Not every project will be complete, nor be perfect.

If you do like projects please do let me know, it'll help me stay motivated to keep doing them as a past time.

The reason for the name "Whitetail Cove", it originally started off as a fictional town in my unfinished story First Sight Firefly, and just became something I could call home. The tagline "Where Fiction Lives in a Small Town" is just that, it's all the crazy stories that happen my small little town of Whitetail Cove. You'll learn as you read through everything I have used some ideas from some of my inspirations behind writing.

That is basically it for now, but I want to thank you for at least finding this page.